norton family premier

Symantec Norton Family Premier

A Parental Control App with a Familiar Brand Behind it.

Parental control programs are becoming a common trend all over the world due to the need to regulate and monitor kids’ behavior online. Symantec Norton’s Family Premier is one of the software suites that offer you supervision services to ensure that your kids’ activities on the internet are within the set terms.

Norton software is different from other programs in the sense that it promotes parents to engage their kids and let them know the rules that have been put in place. You can install this application in many devices, such as Windows, Android, and iPhone. Unfortunately, it does not work in Macs. It’s easy to install and use, making it a solid choice.

You do not have to install any other program to use the software above on your gadget.

A Brief History of Norton Online Family:

Symantec launched the program in February 2009. Norton Online Family has been handy in the provision of supervisory services as far as online use is concerned. At the beginning of 2018, Norton Family announced that it should no longer offer free services to clients, but instead will continue to provide premium services under the following subscriptions:

•Norton Family Premier
•Norton Security Premium

Symantec’s Main Features:

Web Blocking/Filtering

You can block particular websites based on some settings, including birth date. Most of the parameters can be configured to suit your child’s needs. This feature will prevent children from visiting sites featuring inappropriate content. You can choose to block the site entirely or allow the child to browse freely depending on the level of supervision you prefer. In addition to preventing the unwanted sites, you can as well decide to filter up to 48 categories based on your child’s age.

Every time your kids try to visit blocked content, you get an email notifying you of the same. You can also follow your kid’s activities by viewing the log of web visits. To get the best out of Norton, specify the time or category.

Apps and Messaging

Today, children possess a tablet or smartphone. Symantec allows you to see all the applications installed and you can block the apps you think they are not secure. Moreover, Norton can come to your rescue when you want to monitor your kid’s IM messages as well as contacts.

Time Supervision

You can use the feature to define the range of hours in which your children are blocked from accessing information online. If your children differ in ages, you use the separate settings to bar them from browsing based on their ages. Note that you can configure settings on a daily basis or weekly basis. Your child will receive a warning 15 minutes before filtering to alert him that time is almost up.

Other breathtaking features encompass an excellent web interface, video monitoring, and Facebook monitoring. So, with this app setup in a series of devices, you can successfully monitor your kid’s activities even on the go. That is the least we can say about Symantec Norton Family Premier.

Symantec’s List of Awards:

The company received an AV-TEST award in 2015 for its high-security performance protection. In the same year, Norton was also awarded AAA rating. Today, the company is coveted for taking home over 39 PC Magazine Editors Choice Awards.

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