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Net Nanny – A Quick Overview

A Quick Overview of Net Nanny – A Parental Control App

Net Nanny is a an app  that can help you filter content accessible to your children whenever they are browsing online.  Since its inception in 1996, the application has helped millions of parents to protect their kids from inappropriate information and images online.

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The Net Nanny software enables you to control as well as monitor your child’s activity from time to time. With this app installed on your personal computer, you can block or filter the type of information your child can consume. Also, you can set time limits on use or even prevent a variety of computer/smartphone games every time you deem necessary.

The Net Nanny Software Suite does not require additional software to work effectively on your Android, PC, and iOS.

The History of Net Nanny at a Glance:

There are much you can learn about Net Nanny application, especially if you are a young parent who desires to keep an eye on his kids. Since the internet has become popular across the globe, there is a need to control and monitor content that can be accessed by kids, as a way to safeguard them from cyberbullying and unsuitable material. To make this dream a reality, Gordon Ross created Net Nanny App in 1996 to help parents have control over the information the children can search on the internet.

What is striking about the application is that it can warn the parents any time the child searches flagged content. This way, you can monitor your child no matter where you are.

BioNet Systems bought Net Nanny in the fall of 2002. In April 2004, Net Nanny was sold to Looksmart Technologies. Three years later the Net Nanny parenting company was acquired by the ContentWatch Inc, who in turn sold it to Zift in 2016.

Net Nanny’s Features:

The award-winning software comes with remarkable features, including parental controls, internet filter, time management, special media monitoring, remote administration, alerts and reporting, profanity masking, excellent user interface and so on.

The above features make the product to outperform its competitors when it comes to web filtering capabilities. In general, it combines high-end technology as well as non-technical settings which can be easily used by well-versed parents even if they are not internet savvy.

If you prefer to customize the software’s settings, then the product has a bounty of options to choose from. Furthermore, the parental controls are protected with passwords making it difficult for the kids or any other person to alter the settings.

Apart from offering a wide range of setup protection possibilities, such as allowing you to block the sites, phrases or words from being received or sent.

On the other hand, the audit track permits you to monitor your kid’s activities. Interestingly, the program can be personalized up to 12 users, making it ideal for a large family with distinct internet requirements.

Awards and Accolades:

The application has won a series of awards and accolades since its launch in 1996, including TopTenREVIEWS Gold Award in 2012, 2013, 2014, and 2016 respectively. Other significant rewards include the Editors’ Choice, Top Consumer Reviews in 2014 and more.

To wrap it up, Net Nanny is a service for every parent with kids who love to surf on the internet but need to be protected from internet abuse or cyberbullying that is so common today. Have this app installed in your device and monitor how your kids spend their time online.

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