mobicip review

Mobicip App Review

Are you looking for an excellent parental control app? Mobicip software might be one of your best solutions. It is an internet filtering and a parental control program developed by Mobicip LLC. The company aims at implementing the CIPA (Children’s Internet Protection Act). The Act states the mandatory rules for libraries and schools to ensure safe internet access for children and students.

About The Mobicip Parental Control App:

Just like many parental control apps, everything you do in managing your children internet activities through Mobicip happens online. Parents or guardians can create profiles for every child in the family on the Mobicip dashboard. The software will enable you to control what they can view, browse, or track any online activity that popped up throughout the day.
The software is compatible with iOS and Android devices. It also has versions for Mac OS, Windows, and Kindle Fire. Check out this review of those devices.

Mobicip’s Features

App Monitoring Features:

Mobicip software has an excellent app monitoring feature. It allows parents to monitor their children’s activities on different apps and websites. Every app is linked with the Play Store or its App Store.
Additionally, the app monitoring feature enables you to block websites that might be inappropriate for your children. Once a site is blacklisted, children cannot access the apps, or can only use them with your permission.

Browsing History

It is typical for children to access the internet using their smartphones. Thus, a parent must keep them safe in these browsing activities. It would help if you protected them from accessing harmful contents such as pornography or profanity.
With a Mobicip software, you can use the browsing history viewing feature to monitor the websites your children are browsing on their phones. The app is also convenient as you can set an option of receiving the browsing history report in your emails and at regular intervals.

Access Request and Time Limit:

Mobicip parental control software allows you to supervise every aspect of your child’s activity. If your children wish to browse certain websites or apps, they will first ask for your permission. If you deny their request, these sites will remain blocked.
Additionally, the software has a time limit feature where you can set the desired duration for every device’s internet usage. Access will be denied or blocked once the time limit elapses. If a user attempt to browse the web beyond the time limit, you will receive an alert.

Custom Filter Options and Advanced Content Filtering

There are three different methods in custom filter setting. The first option is to block certain websites. The second option is by blocking specific phrases or keywords. The third choice is blacklisting particular website categories.
These options are excellent in keeping your child’s browsing experience protected and safe from inappropriate contents. The software also uses advanced techniques to ensure bad apps and sites are secure for families.

Accountability Mode

The accountability feature allows you to set user’s profiles at the monitor level. Thus, children or family members can use unrestricted internet access. However, every online activity is monitored by the software.


Mobicip is becoming one of the leading parental control apps on the internet. However, the software does not offer social media controls. It cannot monitor or spy on texts or phone calls. The subscription of the Mobicip app is $39.99 per year.

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