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Open DNS Family Shield

Open DNS is a company that specializes in providing faster, safer and reliable internet net connectivity to business and home environments. It boasts of wide range of security solutions that are aimed at filtering incoming traffic into a network. Open DNS offers a number of products which are set for different security solutions.

The Open DNS Home, Open DNS Personal, Open DNS Home VIP and Open DNS Family Shield are among the products offered by Open DNS. All these services are aimed at exerting some level of control in home and business settings.

Open DNS supports multiple devices such as routers, desktop workstations, laptops, smartphones etc. All these devices can be supported on multiple platforms like iOS and Android. Open DNS is cross platform.

The internet has brought both good and bad. It is no longer a topic of debate on which side prevails. People have learnt to accept the outcomes of the internet. Does that mean we leave everything to fate? Of course not. If we cannot assert our authority on the internet, then it is wise that we find tools that can help us exert some level of control.
Here, we talk about OpenDNS Family Shield as one of parental control tools that can be deployed in a home setting.

Features of Open DNS Family Shield:

When it comes to exercising control over the many resources on the internet using software tools, then we need to know some basic details about Open DNS Family Shield as one of such tools. It has the following features;

Open DNS Family Shield blocks connections to known bad sites. Children need to be monitored against viewing adulterated content on the internet.

This software tool also categorizes websites into groups of porn, gambling and hate speech. This goes great lengths to ensure good moral upbringing of your children.

Another thing you need to know about Open DNS is that it helps in real time filtering of content from the internet. It works round a 24-hour schedule to update any changes in the internet content. As a parent or guardian, you are not worried that your child will be exposed to dangerous content in your absence.

The internet has quite handful of malicious persons who use proxies and anonymizers to gain entry into networks. Open DNS will protect your home network from such people.
Open DNS Family Shield also protects your network from phishing and malware attacks. These attacks carry the potential to cause considerable damage on your home network including firewall breaches.

Some More Info on OpenDns Family Shield:

Open DNS Family Shield is used in 1 out of 3 school network in the US to protect children from bad sites. This proves the level of trust attached to the product. By 2007, the company had more than one million users. Currently, they have more than 5 million users.
In 2013, Open DNS was awarded the PC Magazine Editor’s Choice Award.

In Conclusion…

Children not only need to be protected against bad sites but they also need to be made diligent in carrying out their duties and responsibilities. The internet is surely a good thing in the business world, but when it comes to the home sitting, a line has to be drawn. I believe Open DNS Family share will help any parent in drawing the necessary boundaries between kids and the internet.

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