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Family Time: A Child Protection App For All Devices.

Family Time is a top-rated premium parental control app that works well all apple, Android and Amazon devices. It is an app that makes the management of the child browsing and time spent on devices easy. The parental control app majors on the management of the time children spend on devices, location, and a block of unwarranted sites. The company offers a sign-up platform which can be used to login and control various devices. Much about family time app is based more on its wonderful and superior features.

The Features of Family Time App

Screen Time Limit:

Family time allows the parent to remotely control the screen time for the children. He/she can set the time which the children can use social apps, play games and do virtually anything else that is acceptable. When it’s time for other things such as assignment, bedtime, studying or working time, the screen is locked.

Safe Internet

Family Times app allows the parent or caregiver to block any site deemed inappropriate. You can block adult sites or gambling.

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You may also activate safe search mode on your browsers and search engines such as Google, Bing, and YouTube.

Activating web filter is another advantage and feature of having and using family time.

Geo-Fence and Track

This app allows you to confine your children to only the acceptable range of movement. Get notified immediately the child gets out of the geofence or enters a region marked as inappropriate for him/her.

Additionally, the app comes with a locator for every phone that is connected to it. As the in charge, you can always watch the position of every member.

Consequently, you will get a movement history for every child and family member’s phone on the track.

Apps Blocker:

Depending on what the children use the phone for, you might require to block so time-consuming apps. Gaming apps and social apps take a lot of children’s time. You may choose to block them.

Data Privacy:

This apps keeps all your data confidential and only accessible to the assigned monitors. No one else can access the data about your family.

One Central Control For All Devices:

This app operates as a single master app. Only the administrator can uninstall, modify or control remotely the blocks.

This is one account for the whole family. The children cannot uninstall the app.

The administrator can promote other users to take control as well. This happens by the parent giving access to other caregivers.

Highly Compatible:

An added advantage about family time app is its level of compatibility. The app works very well with Apple, Amazon and Android devices. You may have various devices at home. Install family times in all of them and run all of them smoothly.

A lot has been said about family time app is the best parental control app to use. With its Unbeatable features, this is indeed proving to be the case. With wonderful locator, apps and site control, as well as screen time monitor, family time app is the best control you can have.

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