take a screen shot on the note 8

How to Take a Screen Shot on a Note 8, and How to Get One for Less on Ebay.co.uk

Although the Galaxy Note 8 came out a few years ago, it’s still a really good device which makes it high-demand in the reseller and refurbished markets. A so-called ‘phablet’, it’s half way between a phone and a tablet device with a ton of screen real estate. This makes it ideally suited for taking screen shots. The process is a little different than on former Samsung Galaxy devices, but we’ll go over how to do it below. If you’re in the market for a Note 8, we’ll also cover the best place to get one at a great price: eBay.co.uk.

Get a Galaxy Note 8 for an amazing price from eBay.co.uk

We’ve discussed the merits of buying software from eBay on this website before, and it’s also a great place to get electronic devices for a deal. Particularly if you are looking for a model that’s a been out for a few years already, eBay UK is probably going to have the best prices online. You might be able to find one for a few pounds less on a smaller marketplace or classifieds site, but as they don’t have eBays strict rules and policies you are more likely to run afoul of scammers. For the most savings and peace of mind, I always stick with eBay. You can check reviews and ratings to make sure you are purchasing from a reputable seller, and if you do run into any issues it’s usually pretty quick and easy to get a resolution whether that is a new device or a refund.

As I mentioned earlier, although the Galaxy Note 8 is not a new device by any means it’s still in high demand because it’s a really solid piece of technology. Many people who lose or break their Note 8’s want to get another one as opposed to a newer model. I personally don’t really care for always having the latest models of things. I’d rather have something that’s been around for a couple of years, works really well, and will cost me half the price of a new model.

get the Note 8 for less at eBay.co.uk

How to Screen Shot on a Note 8

There are two methods to take a screen shot with a Note 8: one using the buttons and one using a swipe motion.

  1. Button method: Now that the home button is gone, you will be using the power and volume buttons to take a screen shot. Make sure that the content you want to capture is on the screen, then press and hold the power and volume buttons simultaneously until you hear a shutter sound and the screen shrinks and expands. This means you have successfully captured a screen shot on your Galaxy Note 8. A toolbar will also appear with several options for cropping, sharing, and more.
  2. Swipe method: To use the swipe method you will first need to turn on this ability as it is not enabled by default. Go to Settings and then Advanced Features. Near the bottom of the list will be an option titled ‘Palm Swipe to capture’, toggle this on. To perform the palm swipe you will slide the side of your hand (pinky finger down) across the whole screen. Your hand must stay inc contact with the screen the whole time to perform the gesture successfully. Again you should hear the shutter sound, and the toolbar will pop up if you have performed the command successfully.

How to take Scrolling Screen Shots on the Note 8

Sometimes the content that you want to capture doesn’t fit into one screenshot. If you are using the web browser that comes with the Note 8 then you will be able to capture scrolling screen shots. To start, use either the button method or the palm swipe to capture the first screen shot. On the toolbar that pops up is an option for ‘Scroll Capture’. Tap that, and it will screen shot the current screen area and then scroll down. Tap it as many times as you need to in order to capture all of the content that you want. The Note 8 will show you a preview of all the screen captures on the bottom right hand side of the screen and add to them as you go. When you have captured all of the content, either tap the back button or the screen shot preview to indicate that you are finished.