Qustodio – A Quick Overview of the Child Protection App

Qustodio is a company that has made the world’s best acclaimed free and premium parental control app. Qustodio app is an internet parental control platform that works with any windows versions, Mac OS X, Android, iOS, Kindle, and nook.

Curious about how Qustodio measures up to Net Nanny? We compare and contrast the two safe-browsing software suites here.

This superior parental control app comes in six languages. These are English, French, Espanol, Italian, German and Portuguese. Its premium version comes with site blocks, screen time control, activity view and a summary on online activities. 

Features of Qustodio App:

A lot of features can be listed about qustodio. Among them are:

Supervision of Kids’ Activities Online

Qustodio is one of the best apps available for online protection. At any time you can see a summary of all your kid’s activities spent online, on Facebook, texting, calling, and even games (like Fortnite!).

Secure Internet Browsing:

Qustodio is an app that protects your children while they are free to browse. Your child needs your protection against cyberbullying, cyber predictors, adult-content viewing and screen addiction. Don’t let cyber threats intimidate and threaten your kids.

Balance Kids Screen Time

If left uncontrolled, your kids may become a victim of screen addiction. With Qustodio you can set time for the kids to play, work, do homework and have quality bedtime.

Control Games and Apps Your kids need not be slaves of the screen with a serious addiction to games and social networks. With the ability to monitor their activities, control your kids time spent on games and the social networks. Avoid screen addiction on your kids.

Location Tracking:

With Qustodio, you are capable of tracking and monitoring your kid’s movement. In case there is a need for limitation, you can easily get onto the kid and have them back to the right place.

The Panic Button:

To your advantage, this app allows you to get in touch with your kid whenever he/she feels threatened. This is through a panic button that when pressed, reaches out to the parent.

Call and SMS Tracking:

Monitor communications between your kids and other people. This is not to interfere with their privacy but to raise concern when the need comes. Analyzing call and SMS trends can hint you before situations get out of hand.

Summary of Online Activity:

Since most parents have relatively very little liking for reading long online briefs, qustodio is customized to summarise them for you. All the necessary information is captured in the summary while retaining the reading spark. The summary is for both online and social networks.

Small Installation Footprint :

The installed software can be invisibly installed. Even with the invisible installation, the app offers browser-based management with reporting capabilities. There is a great coordination of all the installed devices.

Block Unauthorized Sites:

Your kids can only access authorized sites. Sites with pornographic content stay blocked if you set so.

Having qustodio parental control app is the best internet care you can give to the kids. Control everything wrong they attempt doing. Monitor their activities and ban what is deemed necessary to. Mention a great and wonderful app and you will be simply talking about qustodio.

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