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Pandora Corp. is Pleased to Announce the
PD Pandora Internet Safety Symposium!

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Educators, law enforcement personnel, child welfare organizations, community leaders and PARENTS everywhere know that Internet safety is at the top of today's list of parenting concerns. And why shouldn't it be? We let our children use a machine that connects them to the entire world - but more importantly, connects the entire world to them and your home.

There is no arguing that the benefits of the Internet are spread far and wide. We often wonder how we could have existed just 15 years ago without it.

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The benefits of the Internet spread far and wide; but for as much good as it has brought, there are those who use the internet to do bad things, including prey on children. From Internet predators to thieves to cyberbullies to illegal downloads to kids themselves doing naïve but dangerous things like "sexting," the dangers associated with the Internet are many and they are REAL! Parents need to think twice before allowing the children to use the internet without monitoring what they are doing.

Pandora Corp., makers of PC Pandora computer monitoring software, in association with nationally recognized child advocate, Maureen Flatley, and her team at Flatley McNeil and Associates, want to help you educate and discuss online safety in your community. So, we created a comprehensive Internet safety symposium, available to anyone looking for or in need of materials to educate parents and discuss online safety in their local community.

We know that the first step in achieving a safer global internet is education and awareness for families and the people who serve kids, whether it's schools, day care centers, community groups or even law enforcement...

Here's the scoop...

WHAT: The PD Pandora Internet Safety curriculum is an informative and customizable 90-minute safety seminar that analyzes the common threats children and families face online every day. The symposium covers Internet predators, cyberbullying, peer-to-peer file sharing, social networking and more, as well as solutions that will help any 21st century parent. The complete package consists of a full PowerPoint presentation, read-along script, 6-page parent hand-out for distribution and marketing materials.

WHO: Our PD Pandora Internet Safety Symposium is designed for any parent group, community organization or law enforcement body that is in need of concise but thorough Internet safety materials for a planned, requested or desperately needed community meeting on the topic.

WHY: Education is the first step. An educated community is a strong one.


But here's the icing on our cake...

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INCENTIVE: Pandora Corp. is giving a lucrative incentive for local community groups to hold PD Pandora Internet Safety meetings. If you help us promote PC Pandora computer monitoring software (which will be available to parents at a discounted  rate), 40% of every sale will be given back to the hosting organization!! This makes the PD Pandora Internet Safety meetings not only educational for parents, but beneficial for the organizations hosting them!

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1. PD Pandora Internet Safety Symposium - The official Symposium materials and download. Simply fill out the form on the next page, take the materials and run with them. Host an Internet safety meeting and promote us as much as you want, to earn as much as you can - or don't. The bottom line is spreading education, awareness, and choices.

2. PD Pandora Internet Safety 101 eBook - This is for our friends, bloggers and other organizations that don't have the resources to host a full symposium meeting. We will send you a .pdf file for you to make available on your website. The .pdf contains a slightly edited version of the PowerPoint presentation and can be used to promote PC Pandora and raise funds for your website/organization.

If you are ready to talk Internet safety in your community and need the materials, come to us! If you are in need of a fundraiser for your group and are tired of selling candy bars or chotchkies from a flyer, come to us!

SIGN UP HERE: To register as a hosting organization for a PD Pandora Internet Safety meeting in your area, click here to fill out an easy online form:

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Someone from our team will contact you with the link to download all materials and give you a short walkthrough of everything you'll need to know to host a meeting in your area. It's as easy as 1, 2, 3 - request, download, present.

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SEE A SAMPLE: If you'd like to take a peek at our PD Pandora Internet Safety Symposium materials, click the button below to see a sample of three pages of the PowerPoint presentation and their accompanying Read-Along Script pages.

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CONTACTS US: If you have questions or want more details, please feel free to send us an email: PDPandora@PCPandora.com


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