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Monitors and Records All Search Queries

PC Pandora keeps a log of every search item and term used in web browsers, so you can quickly see exactly what type of information your child or employee is looking for.

  • PC Pandora Viewer application
  • Facebook screenshot captured by PC Pandora
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  • Sexsearch homepage - adult website homepage
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Exploring is Natural

As our children grow older, they will start to use the web in a more inquisitive manner; this is only natural. But as a parent, you need to be informed of what type of information your child is looking for online. While some content may be simply against your wishes as a parent (such as pornography), some content your child is seeking out may indicate a bigger problem (like eating disorder websites or suicide groups).

Works with all major search engines

PC Pandora keeps a detailed log of every search term used in all popular search engines (e.g. Google, Bing, Yahoo), plus the date and time of the search and the user who did the searching. If your kids are looking for content that you don’t approve of, or should be concerned about, PC Pandora will tell you.

Block access to inappropriate websites

Parents and employers can also add domains deemed inappropriate to the PC Pandora blacklist with a click of a mouse. A customized message can even be set to display when access to restricted sites is attempted.

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