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Record all keystrokes typed

PC Pandora captures all keyboard input on the computer – e.g. emails typed, login names, passwords, and all other textual input.

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  • Facebook screenshot captured by PC Pandora
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Capture login names and passwords

As a parent, some things are hard to do. We want to give our children space, but there are times when parents need to take a stand and dig deep to find out what their child has been up to, especially if there is a feeling something just isn't right. In some instances, it may be necessary for a parent to assume control of a child's account.

Comprehensive monitoring

With PC Pandora's keystroke recorder, every key that is pressed on the keyboard is recorded. This means that all logins and passwords are recorded, allowing you full access to your child's accounts any time you want. Having access to those accounts will allow you to view past communications.

The full text of all emails are captured. Make a typo and have to backspace to correct it? Even that is captured. Every single key pressed on the keyboard is captured and presented for your review.

Easy to use playback control

Save time by viewing recorded keystroke content using the included viewer. You can quickly read all keystrokes logs using the handy Previous and Next buttons. You can also print them on your printer.

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* You may only use PC Pandora in compliance with all applicable laws. Recording the private communications and/or computer activities of others without their knowledge may result in criminal and/or civil prosecution under state and/or federal law.