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Record emails and attachments

PC Pandora captures the full detail of every email with all pertinent details, text and attachments.

  • PC Pandora Viewer application
  • Facebook screenshot captured by PC Pandora
  • Screenshot of Meebo homepage captured by PC Pandora
  • Minesweeper interface recoreded by PC Pandora
  • Sexsearch homepage - adult website homepage
  • Active download of a game captured with PC Pandora

Records emails sent and received

Email is still a form of communication that kids use, and one that can easily be covered up by simply deleting the evidence. But with PC Pandora, you will have a snap shot of every email read, written and sent. You'll even have screen shots of them trying to delete the evidence!

You will quickly discover if your child is using secret email addresses you didn't even know existed... and you'll know who every email is sent to, and who is writing back.

Webmail and attachments

Whether your child uses a PC based email program like Outlook, or an online mail system like Yahoo or Hotmail, PC Pandora records it ALL. Not only will you see emails in the form of screen shots, but PC Pandora replicates a fully captured email, with the content of the email, who it came from, when, and what the subject line is.

And that isn’t all - PC Pandora even captures the full details of every file attachments sent via email. If someone is sending your child inappropriate material, or visa versa, you will see it!

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* You may only use PC Pandora in compliance with all applicable laws. Recording the private communications and/or computer activities of others without their knowledge may result in criminal and/or civil prosecution under state and/or federal law.