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Keep Track of All Your Files

PC Pandora monitors and records all data related to files that are created, modified, or deleted on the computer, so you can see exactly what data operations are occurring.

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How is Your PC Being Used?

PC Pandora allows you to have a detailed log of all file activity on your computer. Captured data includes the file name, date and time of the activity, which user affected the file, the file action, and the file path (location).

While this feature is extremely helpful in the business world, parents will find it useful too.

Find out if your kids are creating, hiding or deleting secret files. For example, if your child is hiding a folder of pornography on the computer or creating materials meant to bully others, you will find out about it.

After you learn about the files and their use, you can view them through the screen content capture or go right to the file itself on the PC.

Business application

PC Pandora’s file tracking feature really shines in the business environment. It allows you to establish whether sensitive documents are being leaked through removable media such as USB memory sticks, DVD's or external hard drives. To obtain legal protection of their trade secrets, businesses must be able to show and prove they did their best to protect the secrets.

Allowing employees unsupervised transfer of sensitive data does not demonstrate a sincere effort to prevent theft.

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