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See Active Time Spent on the PC

PC Pandora records the active and inactive time of the computer's usage, so you can see when it was used, and not used.

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After Hours

One of the first rules parents should establish with their children is appropriate computer usage times. But are your children sticking to your rules?

If your kids are sneaking online in the middle of the night, staying up past their bedtime to chat, updating their social networking pages when they should be doing their Math homework, or using the computer at any other time you have told them not to – PC Pandora is going to let you know.

Active and Inactive Periods

PC Pandora keeps track of the time that your computer is active, any time someone is typing, using the mouse, or using an application or program. After a user-specified amount of time with no activity (default 3 minutes), PC Pandora considers the computer to be 'inactive.' But as soon as someone touches a key or moves the mouse, PC Pandora knows the PC is once again active.

All active and inactive time is recorded and presented in a spreadsheet-like form that tells you when your computer was being used.

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