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Protect your children from online predators

Lock your cyber doors and windows and keep the 'bad' people away from your children.

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There is no arguing that the Internet is a great tool, full of positive potential for all users. But as parents, we must remember that children are very impressionable, and the Internet is an avenue that allows them to enter into many different realities. Your child can use the Internet to play games, download music, watch videos, and communicate with friends. The Internet also allows your children to access informational websites where they can become more knowledgeable and complete homework assignments. It's true that the Internet is a very beneficial place for our children to study, gain knowledge, be social and have fun.

But the Internet can also be used in evil ways by both those who intend to harm your children… and sometimes by your children themselves!

Over 1 million pedophiles predicted to be online today

One of the most dangerous aspects of the Internet is its use by pedophiles. Child molesters and predators use the Internet as a tool to strike up conversations and communicate with children so that they can become friends with them, expose them to pornography, and in time lure them out of their home to have sex with them, kidnap them, and in some cases kill them.


1 in 7 kids approached online by predators

According to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC), A very scary fact is that 1 in 7 children who use the Internet are approached by online predators. These predators wait for your children to join Internet chat rooms, or enter other various websites that they know they can use in their favor to approach your unsuspecting child, and when the time is just right, they attack. What may be even more disheartening to parents is the fact that the NCMEC says only 27 percent of kids who receive unwanted sexual content, including sexually explicit photos, videos or an invitation to meet someone, are likely to report it to a parent or guardian. 3 out of 4 kids never say anything!

Cyberbullying is rampant!

Children around the world are being tormented by bullies every day through the Internet. Some, tragically, reach the point where they would rather not live than deal with the continued harassment. Statistics vary from study to study on the number of people being bullied online, but one thing is certain: this is a problem and it is time to stop it.

Cyberbullying is almost entirely preventable

The key: parents must be just concerned about their child being an aggressor as they are about their child being a victim. Statistically speaking, when it comes to cyberbullying, there is a greater chance you have a bully in the house than a silent victim. While studies show that only some victims come forward when being bullied; a bully will NEVER tell their parents what they are up to. Cyberbullies rely on the anonymity of the Internet, and the secrecy of their own home. It is up to you (parents) to be proactive and monitor the Internet activity of your children when they use the Internet and social networking websites. When you notice aggressive and inappropriate behavior, step in and stop it.

Other dangers are present online

But predators and cyberbullying are not the only dangers presented by the advent of the Internet. Addiction can be a serious problem in teens and tweens who cannot “unplug” for a time, and can run the gamut from gaming to gambling to pornography – all easily accessible by youth online. In addition, over 90% of our nation’s kids are connected to the Internet and present on social networks – which means 90% of our kids are sharing personal information, which can be dangerous to them and your family.

All in all, the Internet is a wonderful tool. But it is a very adult tool that must be monitored when placed in the hands of an adolescent/teenager.

Options as a parent

As a parent you can choose to never let your children access the Internet, but this decision could cause harm to your child's education since much of their schoolwork depends on the research they do online and their future employment will most likely involve the Internet. In addition, the Internet is the main method of communication for today’s youth. Not having a social networking profile today is like not having a phone in the 1980’s. So keeping them off of the Internet really isn't an option.

But you also can't be looking over your child's shoulder 100% of the time to see what it is they do online. Your child wouldn't like it and, realistically, you don't have the time.

What if you could monitor your child's activity, record the websites they visited, see any chats they engaged in, and the programs and games they played online? What if you could review the photos of themselves they have put online, and what potentially dangerous information they unknowingly provide to potential predators? What if you could see who they were talking to and how they were interacting with others? You can.

The solution is PC PANDORA

PC PANDORA is powerful computer monitoring software that records ALL activity on the computer. Software as powerful as ours gives parents the edge by knowing EXACTLY what their kids are doing on the Internet.

PC Pandora gives you the ability to view detailed screen captures and text-based data logs of all activity, so you can know everything that happens on the computer. From instant messenger chats to websites visited (and how often and for how long) to programs and applications run, you – the parent – can see everything!

There is no guessing or assuming they are safe. There is only full knowledge of what they are truly doing.

  • Are your kids sharing too much personal information online that puts them in danger?
  • Are your kids talking to strangers online? Are strangers trying to talk to them?
  • Are your children being bullied and not telling you about it? Even worse – are they bullying someone?
  • Is your child harboring an addiction that you don’t know about it, or do they have an eating or psychological disorder festering inside that they are battling to keep a secret…?
  • Does your child have multiple social networking accounts where they are pretending to be an older person to meet older members of the opposite sex?

Whatever the case may be, PC Pandora computer monitoring software will show you it all! Nothing is hidden. Everything is recorded.

Keep your kids safe by KNOWING what they do on that PC you have given them and the Internet connection you are supplying them with. You could even sit down with your children and review their Internet activity together; discuss with them what you approve of, and disapprove of. This is a much better option than not allowing Internet use, and an option that will keep your kids safe.

Remember, it is your house, your rules – and most importantly - your child’s safety. For less than the cost of a dinner out on the town, you'll have peace of mind knowing that you have protected your kids while they surf the Internet.


Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Try PC Pandora Today!

Monitors And Records All Emails

PC Pandora takes virtual snap shots of emails as they are written and received. It doesn't matter what email program or service your child uses. It doesn't matter if the emails are deleted right after they are read or sent.

Record All Instant Messenger Activity and Chats

PC Pandora captures every instant messenger conversation including Facebook, gChat, MSN, AOL, Yahoo IM, ICQ and more... as well as all Internet chatting, so you can see exactly who your kids are talking to and, more importantly, who is trying to talk to them.

Record all keystrokes typed

PC Pandora captures all keyboard input on the computer – e.g. emails typed, login names, passwords, and all other textual input.

Monitor and Records All Websites Visited

PC Pandora records a log of all websites visited and the time spent on each, so you can see which websites are being visited and how frequently. Is your computer used to surf porn? Are children or employees playing online games when they're supposed to be doing something else? You'll now know! Surf through hours of online browsing in just minutes.

24/7 access from anywhere with LIVE! service

View data and manage PC Pandora settings from any web browser - including your iPhone™ - and know what's happening on your PC RIGHT NOW, wherever you are.

Internet website filtering

PC Pandora gives you the ability to review visited websites and block individual websites or entire categories of websites. You can protect blocked websites with a password and add customized text that the computer users will see when they try to access the site.

100% Silent Monitoring

PC Pandora can run in the open if you so choose, to discourage users from going places they shouldn't be. It implements optional 100% silent mode, which causes the program not to be listed in the start menu, program files, task manager or in the list of running processes.

Record All Programs Run and Applications Utilized

PC Pandora records a detailed list of every program used, when it was launched and how long was it in focus so you can see what programs are being used on a regular basis.

Learn if somebody islaunching your accounting software, instant messenger or trying to access your email application, or potentially putting you at risk by downloading or installing copyrighted content.

Easy to Install & Use

In less than two minutes you can have PC Pandora up and running on your PC. In addition, we provide complete written and video documentation that will explain every feature fully.

Security and privacy when ordering

You may not want to advertise that you purchased PC Pandora. Your credit card will show a payment from Click Bank, a processor for thousands of online stores, not PC Pandora. The software is available as an instant download and no physical media has to be shipped.

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* You may only use PC Pandora in compliance with all applicable laws. Recording the private communications and/or computer activities of others without their knowledge may result in criminal and/or civil prosecution under state and/or federal law.