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Improve office productivity. Protect your Assets. Eliminate Cyberslacking.

Monitor your employees work, improve employee productivity, stop sexual harassment in the office, train employees more effectively and stop employee theft.

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The Internet is what makes your business run

Communications, ordering, product development - the Internet has made it all work better, meaning a stronger bottom line for your company. But while small business owners know that efficiency is the key to success, we also know it's becoming harder and harder to ensure employee productivity amongst distractions like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, instant messaging, online games, personal email and more.

PC Pandora LIVE! is designed to meet the needs of small business owners who need to ensure their company is getting the most from its employees.

Cyberslacking epidemic

Cyberslacking is an epidemic. Recent surveys find that employees are wasting about an hour per day on the internet. That means for every 8 employees you have, you are paying the equivalent of a full time salary for the time spent cyberslacking. A company with 1,000 Internet users could lose upwards of $35 million in productivity annually from just an hour of daily Web surfing by employees.


Protect your assets

Employee theft is rampant. Not only is your company time valuable, but your company assets lie within the network of clients, partners and proprietary information collected since the first days of your company’s inception. But what happens when an employee is disgruntled and decides to share secrets with a competitor? What about an employee getting ready to open a competing business, and using your assets as a starting point? With PC Pandora, you will know if you have a mole inside the company, who may be trading secrets or harvesting contacts, getting ready to strike out on their own.

Prevent sexual harassment

It's a sad, but true fact, employees in all business environments forward "ADULT" oriented emails around the office. These emails can contain pornographic images, sexually explicit or racially insensitive jokes. What if someone in the office is offended by these emails and wants to sue the company for sexual harassment?

Don't let the company suffer because an employee sends out a sexually explicit or racially insensitive email or instant message to a co-worker or colleague that they should not have.

PC Pandora will allow you to record copies of all emails sent and received, so when you come across an obscene email you can reprimand the employee right away and end the situation before it gets out of control.

Also, how many employees will be emailing sexually explicit material around the office if they know that they're being monitored? Not too many. You can feel more relaxed knowing that PC Pandora can help your company from suffering a sexual harassment lawsuit.

Training tool

What's the best way to train a new employee?
To know exactly what they are doing right from what they are doing wrong.

PC Pandora can be used as a training tool that will allow you to record and take snapshots of the new employee's work that they do on the PC so that you can sit down with them and go over their weaknesses and strengths. Just think of all the time you will save. You will know EXACTLY what they are doing so that you can make adjustments right away.


Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Try PC Pandora Today!

Monitors And Records All Emails

PC Pandora takes virtual snap shots of emails as they are written and received. It doesn't matter what email program or service your child uses. It doesn't matter if the emails are deleted right after they are read or sent.

Record All Instant Messenger Activity and Chats

PC Pandora captures every instant messenger conversation including Facebook, gChat, MSN, AOL, Yahoo IM, ICQ and more... as well as all Internet chatting, so you can see exactly who your kids are talking to and, more importantly, who is trying to talk to them.

Record all keystrokes typed

PC Pandora captures all keyboard input on the computer – e.g. emails typed, login names, passwords, and all other textual input.

Monitor and Records All Websites Visited

PC Pandora records a log of all websites visited and the time spent on each, so you can see which websites are being visited and how frequently. Is your computer used to surf porn? Are children or employees playing online games when they're supposed to be doing something else? You'll now know! Surf through hours of online browsing in just minutes.

24/7 access from anywhere with LIVE! service

View data and manage PC Pandora settings from any web browser - including your iPhone™ - and know what's happening on your PC RIGHT NOW, wherever you are.

Internet website filtering

PC Pandora gives you the ability to review visited websites and block individual websites or entire categories of websites. You can protect blocked websites with a password and add customized text that the computer users will see when they try to access the site.

100% Silent Monitoring

PC Pandora can run in the open if you so choose, to discourage users from going places they shouldn't be. It implements optional 100% silent mode, which causes the program not to be listed in the start menu, program files, task manager or in the list of running processes.

Record All Programs Run and Applications Utilized

PC Pandora records a detailed list of every program used, when it was launched and how long was it in focus so you can see what programs are being used on a regular basis.

Learn if somebody islaunching your accounting software, instant messenger or trying to access your email application, or potentially putting you at risk by downloading or installing copyrighted content.

Easy to Install & Use

In less than two minutes you can have PC Pandora up and running on your PC. In addition, we provide complete written and video documentation that will explain every feature fully.

Security and privacy when ordering

You may not want to advertise that you purchased PC Pandora. Your credit card will show a payment from Click Bank, a processor for thousands of online stores, not PC Pandora. The software is available as an instant download and no physical media has to be shipped.

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* You may only use PC Pandora in compliance with all applicable laws. Recording the private communications and/or computer activities of others without their knowledge may result in criminal and/or civil prosecution under state and/or federal law.